"Radiation and Risk", 1996, vol. 8


Section 1. Normative Documents

Federal Law “On changes and additions in the Law of Russian Federation “On social protection of citizens exposed to radiation as a result of the Chernobyl accident” (in Russian)

Section 2. Materials of All-Russia Medical and Dosimetric State Registry

Current status of RNMDR

Maksyutov M.A.
"Radiation and Risk", 1996, Issue 8, pp.25-38

Package of applied programmes for estimating radiation risks “RADRAS”

Gorsky A.I., Korelo A.M.
Radiation and Risk" 19976. Vol. 8, pp.26-31

Drawing up and coding of primary medical information in the documents of Russian National Medical and Dosimetric Registry (RNMDR)

Biryukov A.P., Kruglova Z.G., Zagrebin V.M., Karyakin O.B., Kochergina E.V.)
"Radiation and Risk" 1996. Vol. 8, pp.32-37

Section 3. Scientific Articles

Estimation of morbidity dynamics among emergency workers based on the results of the annual health examinations

Mikhalsky A.I., Ivanov V.K.1, Maksyutov M.A.1, Morgenstern W.2
"Radiation and Risk", 1996, vol. 8, pp. 38-46

Leukemia and thyroid cancer in emergency workers of the Chernobyl accident: estimation of radiation risks (1986-1995)

Ivanov V.K., Tsyb A.F., Gorsky A.I., Maksyutov M.A., Rastopchin Eu.M., Konogorov A.P., Biryukov A.P., Matyash V.A.
"Radiation and Risk" 1996. Vol. 8, pp. 47-58

Chronic Low Level Radiation and Mortality: Information from the UK National Registry for Radiation Workers

Muirhead C.R., Kendall G.M., Little M.P.
"Radiation and Risk" 1996. vol. 8, pp. 59-64

Cancer incidence among the liquidators of the Chernobyl accident

Ivanov V.K., Rastopchin Eu.M., Gorsky A.I., Ryvkin V.B.
"Radiation and Risk" 1996. vol. 8, pp. 65-71

Oncoepidemiologic situation on the territory of the Kaluga region 10 years after the Chernobyl accident

Ivanov V.K., Nilova E.V., Efendiev V.A.1, Gorsky A.I., Pitkevich V.A., Leshakov S.Y.1, Shiryaev V.I.1
"Radiation and Risk" 1996. vol. 8, pp. 72-84

BARD: bank of data for risk analysis

Demin V.F.
"Radiation and Risk" 1996. vol. 8, pp. 85-92

Selection of the cohort for the long-term clinical follow-up and assessment of radiation risks for thyroid diseases under the Joint Medical Research Project conducted by Sasakava Memorial Health Foundation and MRRC of RAMS

Ivanov V.K.1, Tsyb A.F.1, Pitkevich V.A.1, Maksyutov M.A.1, Маtveenko Е.G.1, Khvostunov I.К.1, Rastopchin Е.М.1, Sorokin V.S.2, Ivanov S.I.3, Leshakov S.Y.4, Shiryaev V.I.4, Borovikova М.P.4, Efendiev V.A.4, Kvitko B.I.5, Shibata Y.6, Yamashita S.7, Hoshi M.8
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Case-control analysis of leukemia among Chernobyl accident emergency workers residing in the Russian Federation, 1986-1993

Ivanov V.K., Tsyb A.F., Konogorov A.P., Rastopchin E.M., Khait S.E.
"Radiation and Risk" 1996. vol. 8, pp. 110-126

Methodological recommendations on risk estimation as applied to the situations after nuclear accidents testing or accidents

Golikov V.Ya., Demin V.F., Ivanov V.K., Ivanov S.I., Kovalev E.E., Osechinsky I.V., Rezontov V.A., Smorodina N.V.
"Radiation and Risk" 1996. vol. 8, pp. 133-158

Section 5. International Scientific Cooperation

"Radiation and Risk." 1996. Vol. 8, pp.159-161

Section 6. Current scientific information

Books, collections, theses of conferences, published in 1996, the 10th anniversary of the Chernobyl accident

"Radiation and Risk" 1996. Vol. 8, pp.162-165