Leukemia and thyroid cancer in emergency workers of the Chernobyl accident: estimation of radiation risks (1986-1995)

"Radiation and Risk" 1996. Vol. 8, pp. 47-58


Ivanov V.K., Tsyb A.F., Gorsky A.I., Maksyutov M.A., Rastopchin Eu.M., Konogorov A.P., Biryukov A.P., Matyash V.A.
Medical Radiological Research Center RAMS, Obninsk


The work focuses on direct epidemiological assessment of radiation risks in induction of leukemia and thyroid cancer in emergency workers after the Chernobyl accident. The Russian National Medical Dosimetric Registry compiles data for 168 thousand emergency workers as of 01.01.1996. Analysis is performed of 48 leukemias and 47 thyroid cancers diagnosed and verified in emergency workers. The estimated radiation risks are: for leukemia - excess relative risk per Gy (ERR/Gy) is 4,30 (95% CI = 0,83; 7,75), excess absolute risk per 104 PY Gy (EAR/104 PY Gy) is 1,31 (95% CI = 0,23; 2,39); and for thyroid cancer - ERR/Gy is 5,31 (95% CI = 0,04; 10,58), EAR/104 PY Gy is 1,15 (95% CI = 0,08; 2,22).

Key words
Direct epidemiological assessment, radiation risks, induction of leukemia, induction of thyroid cancers, liquidators, Chernobyl disaster.


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