Effect of pentacyn and tetoxacyn on acceleration of plutonium elimination from human organism

"Radiation and Risk", 1995, vol. 5, pp. 68-73


Plotnikova L.A., Baisogolov G.D., Doschenko V.N.


In order to accelerate an elimination of Pu-239 from organism the 19 workers involved into plutonium production were treated by pentacyn and tetoxacyn. Intravenous injection of pentacyn (8-24 ml as a 10% solution) and tetoxacyn (10 ml as a 10% solution) was demonstrated to accelerate elimination of plutonium from human organism largely with urine. Pentacyn was a more effective and a less toxic preparation compared to tetoxacyn.

Key words
239Pu, pentacin, tetoxacin, plutonium removal acceleration, human organism.


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