Dynamics of uptake and excretion of Sm-153-oxabifor in patients with bone metastases in the performance of radionuonuclide therapy

«Radiation and Risk», 2007, vol. 16, No. 2-4, pp.39-47


Dolya О.P.1, Klepov А.N.1, Кrylov V.V., Drozdovsky B.Ya., Маtusevich Е.S.I.1
Medical Radiological Research Centre of RAMS, Obninsk.
1Obninsk State Technical University for Nuclear Power Engineering (IATE), Obninsk.


The dynamics of 153153Sm excretion was undertaken. Effective half-life of 153Sm-oxabifor in the blood plasma and whole body was determined. Doses to blood, kidneys and urinary bladder wall were estimated. The absorbed doses from 153

Key words
Dynamics of accumulation and excretion, domestic radiopharmaceutical, RFP 153Sm-oxabiphore, bone metastases, radionuclide therapy, effective half-life, dose loads, absorbed doses in organs.


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