Risk factors, clinical and functional estimation of early cerebral aterosclerosis in patients with chronic radiation sickness

"Radiation and Risk", 2000, Special Issue, pp.82-86
Selected articles from the journal "Bulletin of Radiation Medicine", 1989, No. 4, pp. 53-58


Sumina M.V., Azizova T.V.


Some risk factors of occupational and non-occupational character of early disorders of cerebral blood supply as formation cerebral aterosclerosis among males in the late period of chronic radiation sickness were analysed. In 66% of cases the disorders were early, because they were detected at the age of 50 years. Trend to the increase in the number of cases with early cerebral aterosclerosis early damages to cerebral blood supply in the examined patients was caused by integrated radiation dose from external gamma-radiation (11%), smoking (2%), age at the time of beginning of work under conditions of contact with risk factors (3%).

Key words
Initial disturbances of blood supply to the brain, chronic radiation sickness, early cerebral atherosclerosis, external γ-radiation, total dose, radiation factors.


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