"Radiation and Risk", 2012, vol. 21, no. 3, pp.5-6

Dear colleagues!

The number of the magazine you hold in your hand is the 51st since the beginning of the publication. This coincidence is symbolic - after all, we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the Medical Radiological Research Center (in 1962 - the Institute of Medical Radiology of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences).

The NRER Bulletin "Radiation and Risk" (then the Bulletin of the Russian State Medical and Dosimetric Register) was also 20 years old - on May 25, 1992 the Russian Book Chamber awarded the magazine with an international identification number, and in September its first issue was published.

Recently there was another anniversary - the Register (at that time All-Union) was created almost immediately after the Chernobyl disaster - that is, there are 25 years. All the experience of the MRSC scientists, radiobiological discoveries, and the results of radiological research accumulated by that time, were used in practical assistance to the affected people, collecting information and accumulating it in the databases developed in the Register with the goal of creating radiation risk models. This is our jubilee period.

Combining the efforts of scientists and medical workers in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus allowed the development of measures to minimize the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster. The help of Japanese scientists and the Sasakawa Foundation is enormous in this period. Therefore, the editorial board includes many foreign scientists.

"Radiation and Risk" is a regular (quarterly) scientific and practical publication intended for comprehensive coverage of the following problems: assessment and prediction of the consequences of large-scale radiation effects on the biosphere, primarily the population; as well as studies on the effects of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation at the molecular, cellular, organ and organism levels. It is based on the documentary materials of the National Radiation and Epidemiological Registry (NERR), which includes the Russian State Medical and Dosimetric Registry of persons exposed to radiation exposure as a result of the Chernobyl accident. The Register accumulates medical and dosimetric information about various categories of the population living or living on contaminated areas, participants in the elimination of the consequences of the accident and their children. In addition, the Register collects and analyzes materials on the professional exposure of employees of Rosatom enterprises, and works are underway to dosimetry medical exposure of personnel and patients.

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