Assessment of morbidity parameters and their dose relationships for the population living in areas of Kaluga region contaminated with radionuclides

"Radiation and Risk", 1994, vol. 4, pp.18-27


Ivanov V.K., Tsyb A.F., Matveenko E.G., Chekin S.Y., Maksyutov M.A., Gorobets V.F., Pitkevich V.A., Ryvkin V.B., Leshakov S.Yu.1, Omelchenko V.N.1, Borovikova M.P.1, Shiryaev V.I.1
Medical Radiological Research Center RAMS, Obninsk
1Health Administration of the Kaluga Region Administration, Kaluga


The paper presents a comprehensive analysis of data monitoring the state of the thyroid system in children, adolescents and pregnant women from the south-western region of the Kaluga region. The analysis includes information about 8.5 thousand people under medical observation, whose age at the time of the Chernobyl accident ranged from several weeks to 18 years, as well as about all pregnant women at the time of the medical examinations. The results of comprehensive clinical examinations correlate with estimates of absorbed doses. The gender and age structure and the possible causes of pathological changes in the thyroid gland in children and adolescents, as well as the state of adaptation-compensatory mechanisms in pregnant women are discussed in detail. The materials of the article significantly expand the radiation-epidemiological picture of the effects of exposure to low doses of radiation, and in practical terms, they allow the health authorities to effectively adjust the scheme of further medical examination of the population.

Key words
Condition monitoring, thyroid system, children, adolescents, pregnant women, south-western region Kaluga region, Chernobyl accident, estimates of absorbed doses, gender and age structure, changes in the thyroid gland, exposure to low doses of radiation.


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