«Radiation and Risk», 2009, vol. 18, No. 3

Section 1. Materials of Russian National Medical and Dosimetric Registry

RNMDR status: external radiation doses for the Chernobyl emergency workers as related to the oblasts of their permanent residence (part 2)

Section 2. Scientific Articles

Dependence of radiation risk of solid cancers in emergency accident workers of the Chernobyl accident on their age at exposure

Kashcheev V.V., Chekin S.Y., Maksioutov M.A., Tumanov K.A., Ivanov V.K.
«Radiation and Risk», 2009, vol. 18, no. 3, pp.48-53

Age-gender dependencies of cancer pathology development among population living in the contaminated territories after the Chernobyl accident

Parshkov E.M.1, Sokolov V.A.1, Golivets T.P.2, Kovalenko B.S.2, Artamonova Y.Z.1
«Radiation and Risk», 2009, vol. 18, no. 3, pp.62-76