Chemical risk assessments for the population of settlement Novogorny of the Chelyabinsk region caused by emissions of heat and power plant

«Radiation and Risk», 2008, vol. 17, no. 4, pp.67-78


Katkova M.N. 1 - Researcher. State Institution «Science-and-Production Association «Typhoon» (SI «SPA «Typhoon»), Obninsk. Contacts: 249038, Kaluga Region, Obninsk, ul. Victory, 4. Phone: (48439) 7-16-81; e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
Ivanitskaya M.V.2 - Deputy Director. State Institution «Chelyabinsk Center on Hydrometeorology and Monitoring of an Environment», Chelyabinsk.


On the basis of the monitoring data the estimation of cancerogenic risks for the population of settlement Novogorny from inhalation of the harmful chemical substances (HChS) contained in emissions of Argayash heat and power plant were carried out. Also risks of occurrence of non-cancerogenic effects from influence of HChS have been estimated. Inhalation risks from HChS for the modern period of supervision have been calculated through the data on the concentration, received by a calculated way. Comparison of the received results for the various periods of work of heat and power plant is carried out. The basic tendencies in reduction of inhalation risks from HChS, connected with conducting of protective actions on decrease of emissions on Argayash heat and power plant are marked.

Key words
Risk, harmful chemical substances, inhalation, Argayash heat and power plant.


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