Study of chromosomes in leukocytes of peripheral blood culture of adolescents exposed to radiation in antenatal period

«Radiation and Risk», 2002, vol. 13, pp.13-19


Okladnikova N.D.
Medical Radiological Research Center of RAMS, Obninsk.


A cytogenetic study was conducted for 54 adolescents at the age of 14-16 years exposed to chronic radiation in the antenatal development period. Their total external radiation dose ranged from 7.5 to150 R. The dose from incorporated isotopes in mother’s body was below the maxi- mum permissible level. Some chromosome aberrations were found in somatic cells (leukocytes of peripheral blood culture): an increased level of structural disruptions of both chromosome and chromatid type, an increased number of cells with endoreduplication of chromosomes and a tendency for hyperdiploidia. The frequency of chromosome aberrations in the antenatally ex- posed adolescents exceeded the spontaneous level by a factor of 4.

Key words
Chromosomes study, leukocytes, peripheral blood culture, adolescents, irradiation, antenatal period, chromosomal abnormality, frequency of chromosomal type disorders.


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