Study of kinetics of iodine metabolism for a norm and thyroid disorders using the method of dynamic radiometry of the whole body and separate organs

«Radiation and Risk», 2002, vol. 13, pp.60-72


Matveenko E.G.
Medical Radiological Research Centre of RAMS, Obninsk.


For exploring the potential of the radiometry of whole body and separate organs (thyroid, and regions of heart, thigh and liver) 559 persons were examined, of whom 304 were patients with different thyroid pathology. Results of this work were the following. A method was developed for integrated study of human body metabolism of iodine in organic and inorganic phases based on the radiometry of whole body, thyroid and regions of heart, thigh and liver after one-time administration of radioactive 131I. A mathematical description is proposed for metabolism of iodine and thyroid hormones making possible to calculate the content of radioactive iodine in whole body and separate organs at any time after one-time administration of isotope, which provides a basis for a practitioner to draw conclusions about the status of thyroid and iodine metabolism in a patient’s body.

Key words
Radiometry of the whole body, thyroid, heart, thigh, liver, method of complex study, iodine metabolism, dynamic radiometry, radioactive 131I, mathematical description of metabolism, thyroid function.


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