Case-control analysis of leukemia among Chernobyl accident emergency workers residing in the Russian Federation, 1986-1993

"Radiation and Risk" 1996. vol. 8, pp. 110-126


Ivanov V.K., Tsyb A.F., Konogorov A.P., Rastopchin E.M., Khait S.E.
Medical Radiological Research Centre of RAMS, Obninsk


The paper analyzes RNMDR data on leukemia cases among liquidators from 1986 to 1993. A description is given of a system for collecting and verifying data on leukemias. The analysis included 48 cases of leukemia identified and verified among the liquidators. Distributions of cases of leukemia were obtained: according to the date of diagnosis, age, external dose, date of entry into the Chernobyl zone, date of departure from the Chernobyl zone, length of stay in the zone. To assess the risk of leukemia, the case study control methodology was used. The following risk factors were taken: external exposure dose, date of entry into the Chernobyl zone, date of departure from the Chernobyl zone, duration of stay in the zone. No significant association was found between the risk of leukemia among the liquidators and the factors under study. As a result of the calculation of the standardized relationship for incidence (POPs), a significant excess of the incidence rate of leukemias was obtained among the liquidators of all dates of entry into the zone (POPs: 205, 99% confidence interval (CI): 105-305) and the liquidators who entered the zone in 19861987 (POPs: 200, 95% JI: 118-282), compared with the male population of the Russian Federation for 1991-1993.

Key words
RNMDR, leukemia disease, liquidators, Chernobyl zone, risk factor, external dose, standardized incidence ratio.


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