Radionuclide relations in the fuel component of the radioactive fallout in the near Chernobyl NPP

"Radiation and Risk", 1993, vol. 3, pp. 134-138


Ermilov A.P., Ziborov A.M.

SPA "VNHFTRI", Mendeleevo, Moscow Region;
Russian Scientific-practical and Expert-analitical Centre (RSEC), Moscow


Calculated data on radionuclide composition of fuel in the 4th block at the pre-accident moment have been summarized: mean values of radioactivity ratios against the radioactivity of 144Се have been estimated for a number of radionuclides. Starting from "genetic" dependence of radionuclide rations (RNR) on the level of assembly burn up the scheme of the analysis of fuel component of the fallout has been proposed. Experimental data on radionuclide composition of the fallout full particles have been analyzed which has lead to more precize RNR calculated values.

Key words
Calculated data, radionuclide composition, pre-emergency fuel of the 4th power unit, ChNPP, average values, activity ratios, radionuclides, activity 144Се.


1. Ermilov A.P. Estimation of the ratios of the main radionuclides in the reactor fuel, depending on the power generation of the fuel assembly, the estimate for all reactor fuel. The results of the study of the dispersion of fuel particles: Report of the NPO "VNIIFTRI". 1989.

2. Ermilov A.P. Use of radionuclide ratios in ChNPP emergency fallouts for prognostic assessments of the behavior of radionuclides in the external environment: Report of the NGO VNIIFTRI. 1991.

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