Hardware and software architecture of the All-Russia Medical and Dosimetric State Registry

"Radiation and Risk", 1992, vol. 1, pp. 132-14


Tsyb A.F., Ivanov V.K., Airapetov S.A., Gagin E.A., Maksyutov M.A., Rozhkov O.V., Stadnik O.E., Chekin S.Yu., Saakyan A.K.
Medical Radiological Research Center RAMS, Obninsk


The article proposes one of the possible approaches to the development of software and mathematical support for large-scale medical and dosimetric registers for long-term monitoring of radiation exposed persons. The approach is implemented in the creation of software and mathematical software RGMDR. A subsystem of software and mathematical software for the RGMDR, including a database and a system for analyzing and processing data, is described.

Key words
Mathematical software, medical and dosimetric register, radiation exposure, analysis system, data processing.

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