Authors Rights and Editorial Ethics

Editorial Board of Radiation and Risk considers the possibility for publishing original papers, that have never been published elsewhere and will not be submitted simultaneously to another journal, in whole or in part, in any language. Each submitted manuscript is reviewed in a single-blind manner, i.e. the name of a reviewer is hidden from an author. Reviewers make justified comments on the paper’s importance, originality and its relevance to the remit of the journal.

The journal Editorial Board makes decision to accept or reject the manuscript for publication taking into account the journal’s policy, a reviewer’s report and the current Russian copyright law. Copyright of a published article, including pictures, figures, diagrams, tables, etc., belongs to Radiation and Risk and the Authors.

After final decision to publish the article has been made, the authors grant the Bulletin Radiation and Risk the exclusive right to publish the manuscript first and identify itself as the original publisher. The article accepted for publication is posted online for open access.

The Editorial Board does not bear any responsibility for the reliability of information given by the Authors.

The manuscript submitted to Radiation and Risk should be supported by a referral letter with consent of an employer of each Author to publish the paper and signed by an executive officer. The manuscript should also be signed by all authors, that will be considered as the statement that all named authors have read the manuscript, have agreed to the submission and grant the right to Editorial Board to publish the article and post it online.

The Editorial Board reserves the right to make changes in the manuscript design as required, however, its basic content remains unchanged.

Papers that do not meet the standards of the Bulletin, consist grammar, stylistic and syntactical errors may be rejected by the editor. Those papers are not sent back.

No part of materials published in Radiation and Risk may be reprinted by the third party without the prior permission of the Editorial Board; the source of reprinted material, such as the Bulletin title, year and number of issue, must be identified.

By signing the manuscript to Radiation and Risk all those named as Authors assure the following:

  • that they have made a sufficient contribution to the work to be considered as authors. Each of the Authors enjoys exclusive rights to use the material submitted to the Editorial Board. If any controversy regarding the authorship arises, the Author should act at its expense and using its own resources to settle the matter. The Editorial Board does not bear responsibility to the third parties for violating assurance by the Author;
  • that it is an original manuscript, unpublished elsewhere, and is not under consideration;
  • that it is not duplicate publication of the author’s work, in whole or in part without proper citation.

Copyright material (e.g. tables, figures or extensive quotations) should be reproduced only with appropriate permission and acknowledgement.

Plagiarism, is not tolerated by the journal. Manuscripts submitted to the journal are checked for originality. If plagiarism is detected, the Editorial Board of Radiation and Risk in line with its editorial policy will reject publishing the submitted article and refuse to accept future submissions from the Author.