«Radiation and Risk», 2022, vol. 31, No. 1

Section 1. Scientific Articles

Correlation between potential radiation-induced carcinogenic risks associated with WWER-1000 spent nuclear fuel and BREST-1200 radiation waste in case of annual generation of 1 GW of electricity. Part 1. Radiological equivalence

Ivanov V.K.1,2, Lopatkin A.V.2, Adamov E.O.2, Menyajlo A.N.1, Chekin S.Yu.1, Kashcheeva P.V.1, Korelo A.M.1, Tumanov K.A.1

«Radiation and Risk», 2022, vol. 31, No. 1, pp.5-14

Assessment of the radiation safety of the population of the Bryansk region districts contaminated after the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant based on radiation risks calculation, considering risk uncertainties

Menyajlo A.N., Chekin S.Yu., Vlasov O.K., Maksioutov М.А., Kashcheev V.V., Korelo A.M., Tumanov K.A., Shchukina N.V., Pryakhin E.A., Ivanov V.K.

«Radiation and Risk», 2022, vol. 31, No. 1, pp.15-28

Features of age-related changes in the skin in people living near uranium tailings in mountains

Isupova A.A.

«Radiation and Risk», 2022, vol. 31, No. 1, pp.29-39

Combined effects of chronic ionizing radiation and repeated laser exposure on cognitive functions of rats

Kolganova O.I., Izmestyeva O.S., Panfilova V.V., Zhavoronkov L.P.

«Radiation and Risk», 2022, vol. 31, No. 1, pp.40-48

Pharmacokinetic modeling and dosimetric planning of radionuclide therapy of bone metastases

Matveev A.V.

«Radiation and Risk», 2022, vol. 31, No. 1, pp.49-63

Risk of endemic non toxic goiter in Chernobyl liquidators and nuclear industry employees

Tukov A.R., Shafransky I.L., Biryukov A.P., Prokhorova O.N., Orlov Yu.V., Kalinina M.V.

«Radiation and Risk», 2022, vol. 31, No. 1, pp.83-92

Adaptive response as a criterion for assessing individual human radiosensitivity. Review

Kogarko I.N.1, Akleev A.V.2,3, Petushkova V.V.1, Neyfakh Е.А.1, Kogarko B.S.1, Ktitorova O.V.1, Ganeev I.I.1, Kuzmina N.S.1,4, Selivanova E.I.1,5

«Radiation and Risk», 2022, vol. 31, No. 1, pp.93-104

On the issue of the relationship between the characteristics of areas with dispersed radioactive contamination and the need for their remediation

Biryukov D.V., Samoylov A.A., Frolova O.B.

«Radiation and Risk», 2022, vol. 31, No. 1, pp.105-114

Fast neutrons irradiation as a way to overcome feline squamous cell carcinoma radioresistance: a pilot study

Rodionov M.V.1, Koryakin S.N.1, Saburov V.O.1, Moiseev A.S.1, Petrova Yu.V.1, Shegay P.V.2, Ivanov S.A.1, Kaprin A.D.2

«Radiation and Risk», 2022, vol. 31, No. 1, pp.115-126

Hyperfractionated irradiation for early laryngeal cancer

Semenov A.V., Gordon K.B., Rozhnov V.A., Gulidov I.A., Gogolin D.V., Radzhapova M.U., Medvedeva K.E.

«Radiation and Risk», 2022, vol. 31, No. 1, pp.127-135

Two-stage Gamma Knife radiosurgery for brain metastases

Medvedeva K.E.1, Baulin A.A.2, Lepilina O.G.1, Kvashnin K.M.2, Ilyalov S.R.2

«Radiation and Risk», 2022, vol. 31, No. 1, pp.136-149