«Radiation and Risk», 2021, vol. 30, No. 3

Section 1. Documents of the Russian Scientific Commission on Radiological Protection (RSCRP)

RSCRP conclusion on the results of absentee discussion (in Russian)

Section 2. Scientific Articles

Achievability of radiological equivalence associated with closed nuclear fuel cycle with fast reactors: impact of uncertainty factors in scenarios of Russian nuclear power development through to 2100. Part 2. Migration of radionuclides

Ivanov V.K.1,2, Lopatkin A.V.2, Spirin E.V.2, Solomatin V.M.2, Menyajlo A.N.1, Chekin S.Yu.1, Lovachev S.S.1

«Radiation and Risk», 2021, vol. 30, No. 3, pp.8-20

Features of background radiation of different St. Petersburg districts

Puzyrev V.G., Vasilyeva I.V., Zemlyanoi D.A., Kapyrina Y.N.

«Radiation and Risk», 2021, vol. 30, No. 3, pp.32-45

Registry of plutonium-induced lung fibrosis in a cohort of nuclear workers of the Mayak Production Association

Azizova T.V.1, Moseeva M.B.1, Grigoryeva E.S.1, Zhuntova G.V.1, Bannikova M.V.1, Sychugov G.V.2, Kazachkov E.L.2

«Radiation and Risk», 2021, vol. 30, No. 3, pp.56-67

Development of the digital twin to assess current radioecological situation inside the 30-km zone in the area of Pilot demonstration energy complex (PDEC) siting

Krechetnikov V.V.1, Titov I.E.1, Karpenko E.I.1, Solomatin V.M.2

«Radiation and Risk», 2021, vol. 30, No. 3, pp.68-79

The possibility of using low-energy (below 300 keV) electron accelerators in the agro-industrial complex (a review)

Kharlamov V.A., Tkhorik O.V., Pomyasova M.G.

«Radiation and Risk», 2021, vol. 30, No. 3, pp.80-92

Hybrid monitoring concept development. Modeling of pulse height spectra of gamma-radiation emitted from radioactive cloud released from NPP

Bakin R.I., Kiselev A.A., Ilichev E.A., Shvedov M.A., Zaryanov A.V.

«Radiation and Risk», 2021, vol. 30, No. 3, pp.93-102

Uncertainties in the assessment of the radiation impact on biota in the vicinity of nuclear facilities

Spiridonov S.I., Nushtaeva V.E.

«Radiation and Risk», 2021, vol. 30, No. 3, pp.112-123

The use of radiation therapy in combination treatment of soft tissue sarcomas of the extremities with involvement of long tubular bones

Zubarev A.L., Kurilchik A.A., Ivanov V.E., Starodubtsev A.L., Shitareva V.N.

«Radiation and Risk», 2021, vol. 30, No. 3, pp.124-133

Induction of adaptive response to chronic environmental and occupational exposure to radiation

Kogarko I.N.1, Akleev A.V.2,3, Petushkova V.V.1, Neyfakh Е.А.1, Kogarko B.S.1, Ktitorova O.V.1, Ganeev I.I.1

«Radiation and Risk», 2021, vol. 30, No. 3, pp.134-148