Computations of environmental radioactive contamination and estimates of population exposure dose for the Balakovo NPP observation zone

«Radiation and Risk», 2011, vol. 20, no. 2, pp.47-57


Gaziev I.Y. – Researcher. State Institution «Science-and-Production Association «Typhoon» (SI «SPA «Typhoon»), Obninsk. Contacts: 4 Pobeda str., Obninsk, Kaluga region, Russia, 249038. Tel.: (48439) 7-16-01; e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
Kryshev A.I. – Head of Lab., Dr. Sc., Biol. State Institution «Science-and-Production Association «Typhoon» (SI «SPA «Typhoon»), Obninsk.


Contamination of air, underlying surface and agricultural products with 60Co, 131I, 134Cs and 137Cs in the Balakovo NPP observation zone (OZ) is computed. The cumulative individual effective dose for the OZ population is estimated. The obtained conservative estimate of the dose was found to be 1.8 mSv/year, and effective dose from NPP releases was equal to 1 nSv/year. The possibility to estimate theoretically the effective exposure dose for the population of the Balakovo NPP OZ due to the past  global  radioactive  fallouts  is  realized.  The  obtained  dose  doesn’t  exceed 11 mSv/year at the present time and corresponds to the upper estimate of the mean annual individual dose of the Balakovo NPP OZ population exposure from all sources considered.

Key words
Contamination of air, underlying surface, agricultural products, Co-60, I-131, Cs-137, Cs-134, Balakovo NPP, exposure dose,population, radioactive fallouts.


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