Incidence in children exposed to prenatal exposure of gamma-rays

«Radiation and Risk», 2002, vol. 13, pp.28-24


Patrusheva N.B., Voronin P.F., Voronina Z.I., Melnikova N.E., Golubaya A.I.
Medical Radiological Research Center of RAMS, Obninsk.


Presented are results of the analysis of incidence in children exposed and unexposed to prental exposure of γ-rays. To this end, the general and age- and sex-specific intensive and exten- sive indicators were estimated using a universally adopted methodology. It has been shown that the general incidence level in the exposed children is higher than in the control group. No differences have been found in the number of cancer diseases and congenital defects.

Key words
Morbidity of children, prenatal exposure, γ-rays, incidence rate, control, morbidity assessment..


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