Current status of the RMNDR

"Radiation and Risk", 2001, Vol. 12, pp.16-23


Maksyutov M.A.
Medical Radiological Research Center of RAMS, Obninsk


The review presents the current state of the Russian State Medical and Dosimetric Registry (RSMDR) (1998-1999). The distribution of the contingent registered in the RSMDR by regional centers and departmental registries, by age groups, by the distribution of male liquidators with a fixed dose of external exposure by dose groups, health and disability groups, and the dynamics of the prophylactic medical examination by male liquidators in 1995-1998 are given in the tables of the article.

Key words
The distribution of liquidators by age groups of health, disability, regional centers and departmental registers, primary accounting groups, the dose of external exposure, the dynamics of the passage of clinical examination.

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