Development of GIS technologies for reconstructing the parameters of the radiation situation in populated areas of the contaminated regions of the Russian Federation to provide epidemiological calculations based on official data

"Radiation and Risk". 2001. Vol. 12, pp.24-41


Vlasov O.K., God'ko A.M., Shishkanov N.G., Shchukina N.V.
Medical Radiological Research Center of RAMS, Obninsk.


In this paper, a GIS technology for reconstructing the deposition densities 137Cs in the territory of the Russian Federation contaminated as a result of the Chernobyl accident is described. The goal of this task is to provide epidemiological calculations with complete data on the radiation contamination of the area 137Cs. Based on the available official data on the contamination of the terrain, a complete table of the density of precipitation 137Cs in settlements is constructed. Then, on the basis of this table, the mean-region values ​​of the deposition densities 137Cs are calculated. This parameter is used in epidemiological studies conducted on the basis of average health indicators of the population. In general, the problem of recovering the densities of depositions 137Cs in the contaminated areas is solved by official methods using geoinformation systems (GIS). The main calculations are carried out in the GIS Manifold environment. The results of calculations are presented in the form of a database of the densities of the precipitation of 137Cs in all settlements, electronic maps with the binding of all objects to geographic coordinates and are illustrated by hard copies of these maps.

Key words
GIS-technology reconstruction, the density of deposition 137Cs, contaminated the territory of the Russian Federation, the Chernobyl accident, the density of deposition, the database.


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