Clinical picture of chronic radiation sickness at different periods of its course

"Radiation and Risk", 2000, Special Issue, pp.134-138
Selected articles from the journal "Bulletin of Radiation Medicine", 1960, No. 1a, pp. 50-55


Baisogolov G.D.


On the basis of prolonged clinical and experimental studies clinical classification of radiation sickness as a result of exposure to general external radiation is proposed. Three periods of the course of the disease were specified: 1) formation; 2) recovery; 3) long-term consequences. Clinical characteristics of the periods and pathogenesis of detected changes are given. It is suggested the necessity for reduction of limiting permissible radiation dose (accepted at that time).

Key words
Clinical classification, radiation sickness, general external radiation, disease periods, clinical characteristics, pathogenesis, maximum permissible dose of irradiation.

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