Long-term cytogenetic effects of chronic occupational irradiation

"Radiation and Risk", 2000, Special Issue, pp.105-108
Selected articles from the journal "Bulletin of Radiation Medicine", 1993, No. 1, pp. 85-90


Okladnikova N.D., Burak L.E.


Status of chromosomal apparatus of lymphocytes of peripheral blood was estimated in 134 patients with chronic radiation sickness caused by external gamma-radiation in 30-35 years after establishing the diagnosis. Increased rate of aberrant cells with structural chromosomal aberrations compared to the baseline was found in the majority of the examined people. A half of chromosomal aberrations were rearrangements of stable type. 20-year dynamic examination showed long-term retaining of chromosomal aberrations with gradual increase in a fraction of stable aberrations in their structure.

Key words
The state of the chromosome apparatus of peripheral blood lymphocytes, chronic radiation sickness (CHL), chromosomal abnormalities, γ-irradiation, dose dependence, frequency of aberrant cells, chromosomal aberrations.


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