Immune status in patients with chronic radiation sickness caused by external gamma-radiation

"Radiation and Risk", 2000, Special Issue, pp.91-95
Selected articles from the journal "Bulletin of Radiation Medicine", 1989, No. 4, pp. 82-87


Vologodskaya I.A., Telnov V.I., Okladnikova N.D.


Immune status of 54 persons at the age of 52-80 years was examined. In the subjects chronic radiation sickness was diagnosed 30-35 years before which was caused by the exposure to external gamma-radiation under occupational conditions. Twenty seven indicators of cellular and humoral immunity and non-specific protection were studied with regard to relative and absolute content. Shifts of different directions in all chains of immunity were found in patients with chronic radiation sickness, unfavourable changes of one indicators against compensatory increase in other were observed. The shifts and marked changes of relationships between examined indicators show the misbalance of immune status in patients at the late period of chronic radiation sickness.

Key words
Cellular and humoral immunity, chronic radiation sickness (CHL), shifts in the links of immunity, imbalance of the immune system, nonspecific defense.


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