Temporal changes of peripheral blood parameters in patients with chronic radiation sickness following exposure to radiation

"Radiation and Risk", 2000, Special Issue, pp.29-31
Selected articles from the journal "Bulletin of Radiation Medicine", 1959, No. 2a, pp. 61-64



Follow up of patients with chronic radiation sickness developed as a result of external γ-irradiation of most of them during their work at the radiochemical facilities and received dose exceeded 200 r showed gradual recovery of morphological composition of peripheral blood in a half of patients when they started to work in "clean conditions", in 2/5 of all of the patients more or less expressed recovery was observed. In a part of the patients (1/10) deviations from normal level were retained, in some cases changes were in progress usually it was followed brief stabilisation. Further these patients developed acute leukaemia with typical complex of clinical symptoms.

Key words
Patients, chronic radiation sickness, radiochemical production, external gamma-radiation, doses, morphological composition, peripheral blood, acute leukemia.


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