The radiation damage of thyroid gland may be the reason of increase of frequency Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and others hematological diseases

"Radiation and Risk" 1997. Vol. 10, pp.125-128

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Vinogradova Yu.E.1), Shinkarkina A.P.2, Poverenny А.М.2
1Botkin’s Clinical Hospital, Moscow
2Medical Radiological Research Center of RAMS, Obninsk


Distribution of autoimmune thyroidites in the patients with diseases of blood system is investigated. Antimicrosomal antibodies served as an indicator of autoimmune thyroidites. Autoimmune thyroidites was found more often in patients with various hematological diseases than in the control group. A hypothesis is advanced that the increase in the frequency of some hematological diseases in the residents affected by the Chernobyl accident can be attributed not only to the influence of the radiation on blood system, but also to the damage of thyroid glands.

Key words
Autoimmune thyroiditis, antibodies to the microsomal fraction, thyroid gland, signs of autoimmune thyroiditis, hematological diseases, hematopoietic system, Chernobyl accident.


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