Risk perception by the population living in the areas contaminated as a result of the Chernobyl accident

"Radiation and Risk" 1997. Vol. 10, pp.160-165


Rumyantseva G.M., Margolina V.Ya., Plyplina D.V.1, Levina T.М., Chinkina О.V.
Serbsky State Research Centre of Social and Forensic Psychiatry, Moscow
1Centre of Psychological Rehabilitation of Liquidators-invalids, Moscow


The paper deals with the study of perception of various risks by the population residing on the areas contaminated after the Chernobyl accident. In five years (1992-1996) 849 persons of 20 to 65 years old were examined in Novozybkov, Bryansk region. The work is based on analysis of the questionnaires including assessment of risks related to work, home, environmental and radiation situation, a list of symptoms and the questionnaire of general health status (GHQ-28). It is demonstrated that 10 years after the radiation disaster, despite a concrete positive change in the radiation situation, the perception of radiation-environmental risks has not diminished, which is probably because of the deterioration in the social-economic situation.

Key words
Perception of risks, population, contaminated areas, the Chernobyl accident, questionnaire analysis, risk assessment, radiation and environmental risks.


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