On the problem of crop management of the radioactive contaminated territories

"Radiation and Risk", 1997, Issue No.9, pp.61-65


Ratnikov A.N., Filipas A.S., Zhigareva T.L., Ulyanenko L.N., Popova G.I.
Russian Institute of Agricultural Radiology and Agroecology of RAAS, Obninsk


In the field experiments on soddy-podzolic sandy soil contaminated as a result of the ChNPP accident the effectiveness of both separate and combined application of lime, potassic and organic fertilizers in decreasing 137Cs accumulation in crop yield has been demonstrated. It was revealed that the radiocaesium transfer to crop products can be controlled by selecting crop species with different radionuclide accumulation ability. The technology of fillage was found to reduce radionuclide concentration in the yield by up to 2 times. The problems of optimization of cereal crop protection on radioactive contaminated areas are considered. The advisability of using the method of presowing seeds incrustation by biologically active substances has been shown which makes possible stabilization of the phytosanitary situation and thus reducing pesticide application. In this case the yield gain and minimization of radiocaesium transfer to products is achieved.

Key words
Regulation of the transfer of radioactive cesium, plant growing products, the ability to accumulate radionuclide, the concentration of radionuclides in the crop, optimization of crop protection, radioactively contaminated areas, method of presowing seed incrustation, biologically active substances.


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