Methodological approaches to calculation of annual effective dose for the population of Belorus

"Radiation and Risk", 1996, vol. 7, pp. 246-252


Minenko V.F., Drozdovich V.V., Tret’yakevich S.S.
Research Institute of Radiation Medicine of Health Care Ministry of Belorus, Minsk


By the Law of Belorus, the annual effective dose is one of the principal indicators used to justify measures on public protection from additional radiation exposure after the Chernobyl accident. To calculate the annual effective dose the approach is used under which the main starting parameters is average dose rate on the territory of a populated point and a daily diet, equivalent to intake of radiocesium with 0.9 l of milk and 0.8 kg of potato per day and intake of Sr-90 with 0.85 l of milk and 0.95 kg of potatoes. The selected methodological approach has enabled estimation of the annual effective dose with a fairly small uncertainty factor (3-5).

Key words
Assessment, annual effective radiation dose, radiation exposure, Chernobyl accident, calculation, exposure dose rate, radiocaesium supply, 90Sr.


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