Thyroid doses for the population of Russia as a result of the Chernobyl accident (retrospective analysis)

"Radiation and Risk", 1996, vol. 7, pp. 225-245


Stepanenko V.F., Tsyb A.F., Gavrilin Yu.I.1, Chrushch V.T.1, Shinkarev S.M.1, Skvortsov V.G., Kondrashov A.E., Yas’kova E.K., Ivannikov A.I., Parshkov E.M., Shakhtarin V.V., Moskovko L.I., Petin D.V., Chebotareva I.V., Proshin A.D.2, Rozhko Yu.N.2, Dorokhov V.V.2, Rivkind N.B.2, Kvitko B.I.2, Kuz’min P.S.2, Leshakov S.Yu.3, Omel’chenko V.N.3
Medical Radiological Research Centre of RAMS, Obninsk, Russia;
1 Institute of Biophysics, Russia;
2 Department of Health, Administration of Bryansk Region;
3 Department of Health, Administration of Kaluga Region


The paper discusses a methodological approach developed for reconstruction of thyroid doses from internal exposure to I-131 and prospects of future works in this field. Estimated levels of thyroid irradiation for the population of Russia after the accident are presented. These results have been obtained based on the retrospective analysis using the developed approach. Also, longterm health consequences of thyroid irradiation in the population of Russia have been predicted. Retrospective estimates have been made for individual thyroid doses for children and adolescents with the diagnosis of thyroid cancer living on the contaminated areas.

Key words
Reconstruction of doses, internal irradiation, thyroid gland, 131I, exposure levels, thyroid cancer, individualized doses.


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