Studying the possible radiation cancers after the ChNPP accident on the most radiocontaminated territories of the Ukraine

"Radiation and Risk", 1995, vol. 6, pp. 201-215


Prisyazhnyuk A.E., Grischenko V.G., Zakordonets V.A., Fuzik N.N., Slipenyuk E.M., Ryzhak I.N.
Scientific Center of Radiation Medicine of AMS, Ukraine


Dynamic models of morbidity with malignant neoplasms on four most radiocontaminated territories of Zhitomir and Kiev oblasts of the Ukraine before and after the ChNPP accident were studied as well as indices of morbidity with tumours in the former Chernobyl district in the preaccidental period were reconstructed. At the moment of the accident 274 thousand people among them 59200 children lived in five districts. In 1993, there were 152600 people including 25700 children in four districts (without Chernobyl one). It is found that for three categories of neoplasms solid cancers, hemoblastoses and thyroid cancer the frequency of the latter has been reliably increased (in particular in the children age group) what can be indicative of radiation effects.

Key words
Dynamic models, incidence, malignant neoplasms contaminated with radionuclides, territories, Zhytomyr, Kyiv region, Chernobyl accident, solid cancers, hemoblastosis, thyroid cancer.

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