Cancer incidence tendencies change in post Chernobyl period in the Republic of Belarus

"Radiation and Risk", 1995, vol. 6, pp. 216-235


Okeanov A.E., Yakimovich G.V., Vanagel S.A.
Belarusian Center of Medical Technologies


Statistical data on cancer incidence in Gomel and Mogilev oblasts and the entire Republic of Belarus are presented in the paper as well as the results of the comparative incidence analysis in preand post-Chernobyl periods. The post-accidental incidence increase for cancer of lung, kidney, urinary bladder, colon and rectum are defined for the population of the mentioned oblasts. The change of relative risk for lung, urinary bladder and thyroid cancer of the postaccidental via pre-accidental period was registered in Gomel oblast. The growth of cancer incidence is registered among young age groups of the population. Linear regression trends show the change of the incidence dynamics and growth rates for male and female population in the post-accidental period in comparison with the pre-accidental one.

Key words
Incidence, malignant neoplasms, population, Gomel, Mogilev regions, Republic of Belarus, Chernobyl accident, cancer of the lung, kidney, bladder, colon, rectum, relative risk of disease.


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