Effective dose equivalent of irradiation of the staff by incorporated plutonium

"Radiation and Risk", 1995, vol. 5, pp. 133-136


Khokhryakov V.F., Kudryavtseva T.I., Suslova K.G.


On the basis of own data on metabolism of industrial compounds of plutonium the effective dose equivalent (EDE) by inhalation of incorporated plutonium was calculated. Doses of irradiation of lungs and cells of bone surfaces contribute significantly (76-80%) to EDE. Estimating the value of permissible transfer from the conception about critical organ and risk based on consideration of EDE is discussed.

Key words
Metabolism, industrial plutonium compounds, effective equivalent dose, incorporated radionuclide, inhalation intake, radiation dose to the lungs, bone marrow, allowable intake.


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