Functional state of liver by the persons contacting with plutonium aerosols (Report I. Fraction compound of serum proteins and Weltman’s reaction)

"Radiation and Risk", 1995, vol. 5, pp. 86-90


Tokarskaya Z.B., Baisogolov G.D.


By examination of a large group of the workers involved into plutonium production some increase in content of albumins, β-globulins, decrease of α- and γ-globulins as well as shift of coagulative Weltman's tenia to the right was observed what reflects a disruption of the normal relationship among protein fractions of blood serum.

Key words
239Pu, plutonium production workers, albumin, β-globulins, α-, γ-globulins, shift of the coagulation tape Veltman, protein fractions of blood.


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