Consequences of separate and combined action of low doses of gamma-rays and plutonium on blood system of dogs

«Радиация и риск». 1995. Том 5, с.77-85


Baisogolov G.D., Bogatov L.V.


The experiment was carried out on 32 dogs. Animals of the 1-st group (10 dogs) were exposed to gamma-radiation of Co-60 in the dose of 10 R every day (except Sundays) during 5 months up to cumulative dose of 1300 R. To animals of the 2-nd group (10 dogs) the administration of intravenous Pu-239 nitrate solution in the dose of 0,005 mkCi/kg 4 times with intervals of 1 month was made. Animals of the 3-rd group (10 dogs) were exposed to combined action of external gamma-radiation and Pu-239 in the same doses. 2 dogs were as control ones. At the end of exposure by animals of the 1-st and the 3-rd groups leukopenia and thrombocytopenia were progressing. Anemia was observed by 7 animals (2 animals from the 1-st and 5 from the 3-rd groups), they all died 4-8 weeks after the end of external gamma-radiation. Changes of blood picture by animals of the 2-nd group were expressed to a less degree. After the end of external radiation (the 1-st and the 3-rd groups) a subsequent increase of quality of leukocytes and thrombocytes by animals since the 8th-9th months from the beginning of the experiment was noted, but their total normalization was not reached even by the end of observation (in 2,5 years). Dynamics of the quantity of leukocytes and thrombocytes by animals of the 2-nd group was of more torpid character and as if stabilized at the level achieved by the 8th month.

Key words
239Pu, consequences, separate and combined effects, small doses, external gamma irradiation, plutonium, blood system of dogs, leukocytes, platelets.


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