Late effects of occupational radiation exposure (mortality in personnel of "Mayak" complex for 45 years of follow-up)

"Radiation and Risk", 1995, vol. 5, pp. 137-144


Koshurnikova N.A., Bolotnikova M.G., Gruzdeva E.A., Kabirova N.R., Kreslov V.V., Okatenko P.V., Romanov S.A., Filippova L.G., Khokhryakov V.F., Shilnikova N.S.
Branch N 1 of Institute of Biophysics, Public Health Ministry of Medical Industry of Russia, Chelyabinsk-65


Increased all causes mortality in men was revealed in epidemiological study among personnel of "Mayak" complex for 35-45 years of follow-up. This increase is due to enhanced cancer mortality and mortality from causes assigned to the category of "other causes". Enhanced cancer mortality in women was also revealed. All causes mortality, cancer mortality and mortality from "other causes" depend on accumulated dose of external gamma-exposure and on plutonium content in a body. Excess Relative Risk for solid cancers (excluding lung cancer and liver haemangiosarcomas is 0.14 and 0.22 per 1 Sv for men and women respectivly, if only external gamma-dose is taken into account.

Key words
Mortality rates, personnel, Mayak, malignant neoplasms, oncological mortality in women, total dose, gamma irradiation, plutonium content, carcinogenic risk, external gamma irradiation.


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