Some questions of pathogenesis of clinical syndrome progressing by the persons contacting with compounds of Pu-239

"Radiation and Risk", 1995, vol. 5, pp. 117-122


Baisogolov G.D.


In this article the results of studies conducted up to 1965 in the Branch N1 of Institute of Biophysics (Ministry of Public Health of USSR) on the problem "plutonium intoxication" are generalized. On the basis of analysing the clinical material as well as experimental works the questions of pathogenesis of clinical syndrome progressing by the workers involved into plutonium production are discussed. In this case the mechanism of changes under observation in hematopoietic system, pathogenesis of so-called "osteoalgic syndrome", probability of development of bone tumors, peculiarities of clinical picture of plutonium pneumosclerosis and others were considered. Considerations could be applied to the peculiarities of radiation injury progressing due to selective incorporation of radionuclides. Problems of diagnosis and treatment of separate syndromes of "plutonium intoxication" are viewed.

Key words
Plutonium intoxication, clinical syndrome, workers, plutonium production, changes in the hematopoietic system, ostealgic syndrome, radiation injuries, radionuclide incorporation.


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