On the bronchial permeability by the patients with plutonium pneumosclerosis

"Radiation and Risk", 1995, vol. 5, pp. 103-105


Kiryushkin V.I., Kislovskaya I.L.


Examination of the group of patients with plutonium pneumosclerosis of different degree of heaviness showed that reducing the bronchial permeability by them is less expressed than decreasing the vital capacity as well as maximum pulmonary ventilation. It reflects a prevailing diffusive development of connective tissue in lung interstice and a less marked involving the bronchi into pathologic process. Thereof, the respiratory insufficiency by the patients with plutonium pneumosclerosis may be thought of as connecting mainly with the change of lung volume but not with the disruption of bronchial permeability.

Key words
Bronchial permeability, patients, plutonium pneumosclerosis, reduced vital capacity, maximum ventilation, diffuse development, connective tissue, interstitium of the lungs.


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