Results of cytogenetic examination of children and adolescents living on radionuclide-contaminated territories of Kaluga region

"Radiation and Risk", 1994, vol. 4, pp. 121-124


Sevankaev A.V., Zhloba A.A., Potetnya O.I., Moiseenko V.V., Zavitaeva T.A., Kozlov V.M., Ankina M.A., Golub E.V., Mikhajlova G.F., Pozdyshkina O.V., Epifanova N.V., Dyachenko G.L.
Medical Radiological Research Center of RAMS, Obninsk


The frequency of chromosome aberrations in lymphocytes was studied in 329 children of radionuclide-contaminated territories of Kaluga oblast. The frequency and spectrum of aberrations ranged within the normal individual (0-3%) in the most examined children of Zhizdrinsky and Ul`yanovsky rayons (78.1 and 82.2%, respectively). However, aberrations-markers (dicentric and centric rings) of radiation effect occurred more then in children of the first rayon (in 19.6 and 12.6% of cases, respectively). In both rayons the frequency of cells with multiple chromosome aberrations was approximately similar (1.8 and 2.4 respectively).

Key words
The frequency of aberrations, chromosomes, blood lymphocytes, children contaminated with radionuclides of the territory, Kaluga region, the spectrum of aberrations, aberrations, markers of radiation exposure.


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