The forms of Cs-137 and Sr-90 occurence in the soils of Bryansk region

"Radiation and Risk", 1993, vol. 3, pp. 129-133


Lisin S.K., Simirskaya G.P., Simirski Yu.N., Rodionov Yu.F., Shubko V.M.
Russian Scientific Centre "Kurchatovski Institute", Moscow

The physical-chemical forms of 137Cs and 90Sr occurence in soddy-podzol sandy-loam soil exposed to most severe radioactive pollution in Bryansk region, Russia, following the Chernobyl accident were studed. It was found that 137Cs was firmly fixed by mineral component of the soil, whereas the basic forms of 90Sr occurence were exchangable and acid dissoluble ones (40-90%).

Ключевые слова
The method of sequential selective leaching, soil, physico-chemical forms, radionuclides 137Cs, 90Sr, sod podzolic, sandy, soil, Bryansk region.


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