Radioecological subsystem (RECOR) of the Russian State Medical Dosimetry Registry

"Radiation and Risk", 1993, vol. 3, pp. 14-38


Vakulovsky S.M., Shershakov V.M., Golubenkov A.V., Baranov A.Yu., Borodin R.V., Bochkov L.P., Godko A.M., Kosykh V.S., Krymova N.V. , Meleshin M.A.
Science and Production Association "Тyphoon" of Roshydmet, Obninsk


This section describes the structure and functions of the radioecological subsystem of the Russian State Medical and Dosimetry Registry of RECOR (Radiation, Ecology, Register) developed to provide dosimetric information to the RGMDR, as well as the possibility of including in the analysis of the health status of persons listed in the Register of non-radiation factors . The primary files of RECOR are used to store information relating to the localities and administrative areas of the population living in contaminated areas. A detailed description of the content of fields of primary documents, the nature and frequency of their filling is given. The section also contains a detailed description of secondary RECOR files that are obtained by processing primary files with the RECOR software to reconstruct the radiation situation in populated areas contaminated due to a nuclear accident. Some methods and results of the processing of the primary RECOR files are described in the scientific section of this bulletin.

Key words
Structure, functions, radioecological subsystem, Russian State Medical and Dosimetric Register, RECOR, dosimetric information, factors of non-radiation nature.

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