"Radiation and Risk", 1992, vol. 1

Data from the Russian National Medical Dosimetry Registry (RNMDR)

"Radiation and Risk", 1992, vol. 1, pp. 80-131

Раздел 3. Научные статьи

Hardware and software architecture of the All-Russia Medical and Dosimetric State Registry

Tsyb A.F., Ivanov V.K., Airapetov S.A., Gagin E.A., Maksyutov M.A., Rozhkov O.V., Stadnik O.E., Chekin S.Yu., Saakyan A.K.
"Radiation and Risk", 1992, vol. 1, pp. 132-146

Раздел 4. В Российской научной комиссии по радиационной защите

Position, staff, main areas and committees, as well as information about meetings of the RRPC

"Radiation and Risk", 1992, vol. 1, pp.147-153

Section 5. International Scientific Cooperation

Information on the international on-going programmes and projects on the medical consequences of the Chernobyl accident

"Radiation and Risk", 1992, vol. 1, pp.154-163

Section 6. Current Scientific Information